Writers-in-Waiting – Blast Fest at the Dukes

19 April at 4:30 PM
A supported visit to BLAST fest at the dukes theatre in Lancaster! This trip will be open to 15 Writers-in-Waiting to open up new peer-to-peer relationships with other playwrights across Lancashire.

Wild Writing

20 April at 12:00 PM
Join theatre-maker and writer Victoria Firth for a practical session exploring ways to start writing without being limited by ideas of being good enough, fitting with expectations of form, or needing to finish.

Burlesque for Body Positivity

20 April at 6:30 PM
Explore movement, props, and diverse music styles in dynamic sessions. Workshop ideas collectively, sharing solutions and words of encouragement.

Singing + Music Making

22 April at 6:30 PM
Enhance your musical skills! Join our 2-hour session for singers and instrumentalists of all levels with Liz Wilkinson and Lucy Hunt.