Gallery Cafe

The Gallery Cafe, is a work-in-progress…

Due to Covid-19, this atmospheric top-floor space has not been able to yet become the social hang-out that we hope it will soon become. We plan to sell a broad range of teas, coffee by the pot and a host of cold drinks as well as healthy breakfast, lunch and teatime meals and snacks. We can also provide meal options for any groups who are using the space and are happy to talk to you about your range of dietary needs.

We believe that what we feed our body with, has an impact on how we feel and function and that we have an obligation to tread lightly on this earth with all of our activity, therefore we will, as much as possible, use locally-sourced, sustainably-grown produce and will tend towards healthier food and drink options; we don’t think that means that we have to compromise on taste though and we definitely never underestimate the power of a good cake or biscuit!

The gallery also has a book exchange, a vinyl player with headphones and some musical instruments for you to enjoy at your leisure.We hope this will become the home of regular music jamming sessions as well as a place where you can bring your old LPs along and listen to them or dip into a book or play script along with a decent brew.

Porridge and a delicious array of fruit and nut toppings bar is our goto breakfast package for all morning activities; this will be available, for example, for all attendees of the Morning Movers classes as well as other early-riser activities. 

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Opening times

Opening times will run alongside venue opening times and these will vary seasonally and in-line with activity happening in other areas of TheOE.

As this space overlooks the theatre, there may be times when this area of the building will need to be closed to the public, however, there will be other times when you get the best view in the house of the creative process in action!