Our Code

This has been created in partnership with participants as a way of ensuring that all who attend our sessions understand that we want everyone here to feel safe, supported and able to enjoy themselves at all times!

  • LISTEN; to our staff, volunteers and practitioners when he’s giving instructions, (it will help you improve and ensure others can stay focussed) – save all chit-chatting for the break or end please.
  • RESPECT: As adults you know what this looks like, make sure you’re active in showing respect to each other and to the aims of the venue at all times.
  • CONTRIBUTE POSITIVELY: If you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the extent it affects your ability to focus/participate or if your behaviour results in a negative effect on others in the group, you may be asked to leave that session.
  • PARTICIPATION IS KEY: All are encouraged to join in to the level that they feel happy with, we know that if you get more involved then you will have a much better experience, step forward, try something new, have fun!
  • ADMIN: Sign up for things in advance (it helps us massively!) arrive 5-15 minutes before the session start time, sign in/check in with whoever is on duty, feed back to us about the things you enjoy as well as the changes you’d like to see…