Singing + Music Making

Find out how you can make music your own way! A chance to explore singing and a range of instruments.

  • Weekly
  • free

Creating Original Music

Have you ever wondered how professional songwriters create their work? We aim to demystify this process by inviting singers + musicians to explore the mechanics of how songs are constructed.

  • weekly
  • free

Electric Pink Voices

Blackpool’s new LGBTQ+ choir. In partnership with Manchester’s The Sunday Boys is an inclusive singing group who sing great tunes, perform and make new friends.

  • Weekly
  • free

Non-Working Men’s Club

A fortnightly opportunity for men of all ages to connect and talk with each other, a chance to explore, engage creatively and learn new skills.

  • every fortnight
  • free

The Nap Club

Experience a journey that takes you from ambient experimentalism to calming field recordings and all genres of quiet music.

  • monthly
  • £5

Gong Bath

Let your body absorb the sounds from the gong at Go Gong’s Gong Bath session. Reach a much deeper consciousness leading you in a very calm, relaxing state.

  • saturday 2 december
  • £10

Alternative Christmas Cabaret

Come join the coolest yule in town and support your local performance collective. We will be showcasing a brilliant range of singing, dancing, music, spoken word and more.

  • friday 8 december
  • £10