Without you, we couldn’t do what we do

The Old Electric is a new not-for-profit organisation in Blackpool whose main focus is to provide high-quality arts activities for all. 

Home of The Electric Sunshine Project cic amongst other organisations, TESP Artistic Director Melanie Whitehead has over 20-years of working for such organisations as Royal Shakespeare Company, National Theatre, Geese Theatre, Touring Consortium Theatre Company, The Lowry, Blackpool Grand Theatre and LeftCoast and she maintains a large network of relationships with excellent practitioners. She believes passionately in the power of participation in and access to the arts as important and effective tools for individual and social change. 

It is crucial that our programme is informed by and feeds into the North West region and that includes working in partnership with commercial and public sector organisations as well as listening to the views and needs of those who live here. 

We are constantly looking for creative ways to minimise costs, to maximise opportunities for creative individuals and to provide long-term solutions to social isolation issues that exist in the town and surrounding areas. 

We are keen to use the history of the town’s thriving entertainment industry as a model for economic growth. However, our purpose is not only to entertain but to offer a range of stimulus for engagement, reflection and challenge

As government funding for arts is being consistently reduced nationally, we need to look to the US model of philanthropic giving; where organisations of all sizes work with not-for- profit companies to find areas where their social responsibility goals align. 

Working with others to discover creative opportunities that arise around people, places and projects resulting in stronger and more resilient communities and with a more diverse, participatory and high quality arts provision in the area. 

We hope that you will be interested in having a conversation with us about partnership opportunities that might suit your organisation…. 

For example, we know that businesses often: 

  • employ workers with a diverse range of practical skills who are seeking personal and professional development opportunities and who would benefit from taking part in practical and active volunteering schemes
  • need to support management teams in developing innovative approaches to confidence, presentation-skills, team-working and leadership
  • own equipment that is no longer useable by your company but which could be perfect for an emerging arts organisation
  • look for different kinds of social events and locations for staff teams as well as hosting clients and potential partners – plus often need quirky or more interesting meeting spaces to entertain
  • develop corporate social responsibility plans that include supporting young people, marginalised communities and the arts and have budget for implementing these 
Woman in a black hooded cape, pointing
Black and white image of several young people dressed in black
Two people performing with a ginger haired puppet